I love Tomoko Sakumoto’s ceramics, so delicate, such wonderful colors, lost of strips and its combination, would you like to have one?? I would love to….


Tomoko, When did you realize that what you wanted to dedicate your life to ceramics?
Ceramics was the most interesting thing at my university when I was a student, so that’s what I chose.

Do you know where you want to get to, what your goal is in your work?
To keep on creating……


Do you use any special technique to be able to have these types of colors?
It’s not special. I mix pigments with porcelain clay.






Do you design all your objects before you begin creating them? Or do you already have the idea in mind, and just start working with the material?
I design and make a model first but my imagination is continually working throughout the whole processes.

What do you find to be most challenging about your job?
Making a beautiful shape.


What does mean color for you?
To give color means that my idea becomes real.


You teach right, do you enjoy it?
Of course, I love communicating with my students.

Which pieces are mostly sold?
The warmer colored work tends to be more popular but I like darker colors and solids.


Is there something you would never do again, professionally speaking?
When I made about 50 wine glasses once, the stems broke many times and so did my heart. I was so nervous during that process. I don’t ever want to do this again.

Would you do something again although it was a bit crazy?
I don’t know if it could be called “crazy”, but when I had an exhibition at a museum, I once made a striped pattern on the floor and walls that connected with my work. I’d love to try and to that again, to create a space around my work.


What would be your ideal project?
When I die, I’d be happy if someone held a retrospective exhibition for me. Until then, I must create many good pieces.

Do you think pottery will disappear because of 3D printers?
It’s not possible for pottery to disappear, even if technology improves.


Do you like working alone?
Yes, I do. But I think it’s also important to show my work to many people and listen to other’s opinions.


How did you start to become known for your work?
I think because of the award from the 57th International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Italy in 2011.

What is the most difficult thing in your work? And what is the one you like most?
I am always careful to not get cracks in the clay of course, and also make sure that the different colored stripes are well joined. I like it when I do well but when I fail many times, I hate it!


Any advice for someone who is thinking about getting into the world of pottery?
I also would like to get some advice, so I don’t have any for you. Let’s do our best together!