Sander Lorier show us the process in his ceramics work called Poligon, in which he uses some moulds and gives different colour finishes inside.


How do you define your work?
Bright new ceramics, which are innovative in shape and accessible for lots of people.

How did you begin? Was it hard?
First start of with experimenting in shapes and trying to get to know the process of ceramics. Searching lots of tips on the internet and experiment with all types of glaze to get what I wanted. Very hard to keep you motivated, after months of almost no result.

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Have you ever discouraged?
When finally I open the kiln and the glaze process did not succeed. After lots of work, the pieces are useless. But these setbacks need to be overcome to keep doing what you love.

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Which would be your ideal project? Do you have such one?
Ideal project is ultimate design freedom. No limits on size, cost and material. Trying to create a object, which lots of people like.

How your ideas come up? Which ones are your sources of inspiration? Are you influenced by anyone?
Ideals come up after lots of browsing on the internet and always paying attention to small details. Try to think of something new and you have not seen before. This is what will keep the products original.

Have you ever had a mentor that has supported and guided you?
In my early ages I assisted my dad with lots of maintenance projects around the house. From carpentering to painting, I learned the fundamentals and still use these.

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Which is the philosophy of your firm?
Try to create something new which will be accessible for lots of people. Be innovative and discover all properties, which a material has to offer.

What is beauty for you?
A perfect balanced product, it is performed in what it is supposed to be. Great material usage and from the moment you see it, it is immediately clear how to use. No manual required.

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Tell us how a normal day in your work is
I arrive by bicycle in the early morning. First start a batch of slib casting and let it set. During this time I have time to check email and plan the rest of the day. Rest of the day will be filled with, grinding and glazing the objects. During the day a second batch of slib casting will be done. At the end of the day, the kiln is loaded so it can be fired during the night.

Which is the most difficult from your work?
Keep yourself motivated after several setbacks.

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Which is what you like more from your work?
The freedom of creating your own path. Creating products I really like and being surrounded by them.

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Which one has been your biggest success?
From now on the Poligon tableware collection is the most successful.

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