Today you are going to meet Raul del Sol. A lot of you I am sure you already know him, because he has a very attractive work, very thorough. We met Raul last time when he was getting ready his work for a pop-up, taking up part of his time!


Raul, how did you start observing and thoroughly drawing insects? Any reason for that?
Since I was a child, digging up rocks, catch insects and placing them inside glass bottles… both curiosity and attraction to that tiny world.

Is it a way of aware people about the existence of insects and their complex structure or is it just for fun?
Both aspects, I think it’s an unknown world and it’s becoming more interesting, I transmit curiosities, show endangered species due to pesticides or show processes like metamorphosis.


Is there any difference between nature and what you show on your pieces?
Talking about being inventive, there’s no difference at all. I keep natural proportions, I’m faithful to insect’s movements and to their environment such as wood.

Your pieces are similar to printmaking, are you inspired by any in particular?
There is a significant similarity between them, however it has more to do with tattoo world, talking about techniques and being accurate. I admire Ien Levin.


Your work base is wood, do you use its technique as in ancient printmaking drawings to create a template that hosts ink?
I haven’t worked so deeply with wood, I just draw using several calibrated points on different thicknesses on wood surfaces, ink spreads according to wood humidity.


What do you read on wood?
It’s like a palm where you can notice if it has knots where shoots grew, stains due to external agents infections or the growth between knots during irrigation periods… just like life itself.

How will your pieces grow old on wood? Will they know to age like wood?
I hope and want so, ink is light fast so black colour must be upheld for years.



Are you planning an approach between this tiny world and a larger scale one?
Being able to make larger scale pieces or wall painting (on wood) is my next goal.

How was your beginning on making these pieces, how did you combine it with your current job?
Just on my free time. I perfectly combine my working hours with my spare time! Even today I keep combining them, though orders and collaborative works keep growing!


Right now your work is quite known and you have several points of sale, do you have enough time to respond to all orders or do you impose yourself a limit?
For now, I can manage them, people understand the fact that time for delivery is needed when we’re talking about a personal and unique piece which needs its timing.

How do you see it in the long-term?
Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. I started shaping entomology world through my personal perspective and drawing knowledge, everything flows quite quickly. Nowadays, we are living a time when drawing has its own cult and value. I hope this tendency keeps growing.


How did you show your pieces in order to stand out?
I started with exhibitions and some points of sale in home décor stores where my pieces were physically shown. However, Instagram, has been my biggest support, it’s a highly visual social network which I daily use to show my work and personal perspective.


Is there any piece you wouldn’t give away?
Some pieces are born or grow during a specific time of your life and you’d like to remember them because their final result was affected… but, that’s the main characteristic in each piece… being unique.

Any story behind each piece? Or on the contrary, do you leave it open to customer’s interpretation….?
There are stories behind my pieces, customers interpret them attracted to insects and admiration to this specific world.


Would you like to make any collaborative work with other artists or people?
It’s always satisfying working with other people, getting to know about it and being inspired by it. I remember my past collaboration with Manuel Bolaño, discovering facts about his collection hidden world was really interesting.

Which is the hardest aspect in your work?
Working under pressure or with a short deadline.


Which is the one you like the most?
Drawing appeals to me. If I had kept doing what people ordered me, this wouldn’t have been the result.