Today we talk about Misa’s work ,and her ceramic work called Mushimegane Books, you will see how beautiful they are!!!


How did you realize that you wanted to create objects with your hands?
Becoming a potter was a very natural process for me.
I was a student who loved music.
I was very interested in creating music and images.
Meeting with various types of people, I was able to discover the world of pottery, music and food.
I feel like the soil gives me infinite possibilities.
The soils “honesty” fascinated me.
Meeting new friends is what gave me the chance to become a potter.



How do you define your work?
Sometimes I’m inspired by encounters with others, people, nature.
It’s difficult for me to specifically define one thing.
I work in symbiosis with the energy of the material.


Was it hard when you begun?
Yes difficult and hard at times.
However, I can’t quit I love it too much.
I had a lot of help from a lot of friends.
I am very grateful.


You have like two different series, the soft colors one, and the metallic dark ones, what do you try to express through the difference of the finishes?
I choose the shape randomly.
I work according to my trips, depending on the rocks I find, the sand I walk on, le soil I touch…
So each time I start again, something new is born.
For some, I use soil and Chinese porcelain.
For others, I mix and match different materials, some from my trips, others not.


What do you express through your use of color?
The gratitude I have towards nature and emotions.
Gratitude to all of the life around us.
Sometimes I use color to represent a certain person I once knew or who impressed me, or a certain situation, or a song…


Where does the shape of your logo come from?
It is the hands and feet of a baby.
It comes from the first pot I ever made, which was during the time one of my friends gave birth.
When I was a student, I had somehow already imagined it.
I was happy with the result.
And that’s how the logo was born.
I feel it is important to have the presence of the hands and feet.


Do you draw all your designs before you begin the creation process? Or do you have the idea in mind, and start by working the material?
I never draw beforehand.
Everything happens in my head.


What is the process for a ceramic design until it is ready to be sold?
I make the soil by mixing a variety of materials at the beginning.
I then mold it using the potter’s wheel and make a form by hand.
Then, I let it dry and work with it through the process below.
Unglazed kiln → cut → glaze → firing kiln → polished finish → complete!

Do you fabricate your designs by yourself?
I do all the work myself.