I have to tell you that the best part of MDBY interviews for me, is meeting people. I know really interesting people doing this section, and all of them are passionate about their work and you get so much fascinated about what they do, that I would like to have 7.382.765.972.975 lives to be able to do in each one what each of them do!

And today, Minji Jung is an example of this! A ceramist from Korea who I got to know through Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja, one of the most ancient Art Schools in Europe and two amazing people who teach there, Montserrat Altet and Jordi Plana.


What means ceramics for you?
It’s what I like and what I can do well!

You live now in Barcelona, what would you choose from your Korean culture and from Spanish culture?
Specially I appreciate diligence and persistence of Korean people and optimism and confidence of people in Spain.


You came to Barcelona, and you began classes in La LLOTJA, what did you learn there?
Specially I learned the material of Ceramic and I was able to have thorough understanding of its features.

You call your work “artistic ceramics” but with a function, and each of your pieces has a concept really nice. Would you like to explain that concept to anyone that sees your work, or you leave people to dream about your pieces?
I prefer to call my works just ceramics actually.
I overweight how my works look like to what the concept of them. Not to mention, it would be greater if my art works have both. I strongly believe all, either artists or an audience, have a right to appreciate art works in their own ways. I don’t want to interrupt them. And what I want to do share my ideas with them.


You describe your series “perspective” as: “not everything is as we think we watch it”, what did you learn from life to think that not all is how it looks like?
It sounds like “don’t judge it by its cover “. I’ve been learning these ideas in my life with conversation and learning one another. I strive to know what lies beyond its look and try to reflect what I feel into my works.


“We are not equal, we are special” this object is fantastic, delicate as a person, with different layers as a person, how did you find out this idea to show that concept?
I spent much of my time on ceramics and I make it a habit to jot down every ideas coming up and file them so that I can make use of them anytime they are needed. I try so hard and experiment to find the best ceramic skills to create special works. When the concept which I have in mind matches successfully experimented skills, my desired art work can be make.


What differentiates your ceramic work from others?
Well,, I am not sure…, what do you think? …..


What means each color you use?
Each color I use for my work shows the growth and potential it has.

Why don’t you teach??
I have a workshop which is too small to accommodate students.


What do you find the most challenging about your job?
The hardest part is delicacy of porcelain.


Which would be your ideal project if you wouldn’t have any other thing to think about?

What do you think of 3d printers?
I think it is great! I am going to buy them.


Would you like to make project collaboration with some artist or not artist?
I’ve already done a few projects with other artists.

What you like more in your work?
The very moment to take out a piece from a mold.

What you do not like?
I have mixed feelings when my artworks are sold away.

Which one has been your biggest success?
Of many other works, I would say “We are not the same, We are Special” series




You are going back to Korea very soon, anything that could avoid it?
No, it would not happen that I don’t go back to Korea. It doesn’t really matter to me where I am.
However, I’ve consistently looked for a place to make better ceramics and I found that would be Korea.


An advice for someone who is thinking about getting into pottery world…
Have patience. Ceramic may sometimes make you cry but I’m sure it’s worth entering into this world if you are into it.