mdby……MIGAYO #2

And to begin the new year with a good piece of art, do you remember MIGAYO?? We made Celia Gayo a test and you will get to know more about her!!



I always… look into things very close

As a child, I wanted to be … My parents say that I was always doing origami pieces even before I learned how to read, they had to read me the instructions. I guess I’ve always wanted to do things with my hands.

College was… very creative

I never saw myself… working in a boring job



Right now… I like what I’m doing

My favourite pastime… is looking for inspiration

My work represents… beauty in the simplicity

Working… is fun

I choose to work in my medium because…I can focus on the details and make special pieces

On a rainy day…I turn the melancholy mood on.

I couldn’t live without… sunlight.

I’ve always wondered… how do you know for sure if you’re doing the right thing or not?

I wish I knew… the solution for everything


Every day I like… to go for a walk to the Retiro Park

I love … gemstones

A little secret about me… I love tiny things

I wish I could have… a huge, old studio full of tools

A perfect day… can be any day

I would travel to… Madrid, go to the Retiro Park at sunset and sit down at Alfonso XII monument

I get bored… easily and then my thoughts take the control



Someday I hope… I’ll have my own studio-shop/p>

I’d like to … show other people the beautiful world of jewellery

My next step is… learning something new about gemstones

In 10 years…. I hope I’ll be proud of myself