MDBA, You are architects yet you have made GRU Lamp, is GRU Lamp a one off design or do you intend to do more work in furniture design?
Architecture is about spaces and design is about spaces too, so we understand it as a whole unit. Yes, our goal is to make architectural projects and do the interior design completely, so you can express the initial project idea until the end.


What is the concept behind GRU Lamp?
I do not like ceiling lamps, so I was always looking for a lamp that I can move and adjust according to the activities’ requirements. I am a big fan of Jean Prouvé’s work, who designed his “Potence” lamp in steel, and I wanted to do a similar one in wood, which I think is a warmer material.


How did you select the materials?
Oak wood just because of its nature, its color, it disappears in to the room, although the lamp is quite big you just see the light….



Did you work alongside Josep in the design and manufacture of GRU Lamp or did you create the design and he manufactured it separately?
I really enjoy thinking about how things can be constructed, so first of all, I always think about how it can be made, and after, when I am quite sure about it, in this case, I asked Josep, the carpenter, to review the design. Sometimes if you don’t think of things first on your own, the design can be easily changed by the “manufacturers”….



What would be your dream project?
To make a whole project, construction, interior design and to be able to design every element inside, with all the artists that I know through MDBY section, ceramists, silversmiths….


What inspires you?
Something that I look at, and I just like it, don’t ask me why, but it is something with charm…

Have you ever been discouraged?
Oh yes….., but you have to keep going, keep going….But what I have learnt is to be patient, I used to want things to happen very quickly, and that does not happen, and if it happens, it will come up, but perhaps not in the good way. So you have to take your time to let things come up slowly and in the best way.


What have been the best and worst moments of your professional life?
The worst is when someone disappoints you, but with the time, is not that bad….and the best for me is try to enjoy every day work, I do not like to specify one specific moment, because when you get something very important, the process is what you have to enjoy, the result arrives, and it is just 5 minutes happiness for me….


What is your dream for the future?
Years ago I dreamt a lot, and I expected lots and lots of things, and I had a lot of disappointments, now, I just live day by day, I do not want to go through that any more.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start working in the creative industry?
It is difficult, everything in life is difficult, but just do what you really enjoy, and it will come up easier…..