Do you remember Antoni Yranzo’s work? Today you will be able to meet him again and get to know more about his work!



I always… had confidence in people

I grew… in Poblenou, physically and professionally speaking

When I was a child, I wanted to be… I don’t have a clear souvenir; I guess I wanted to be a person

I never thought about myself… doing always the same thing



Right now… I try to live with all that’s implied

My favourite hobby… watching the people, the surroundings and the situations

My current job illustrates… asometimes what I observe and other times, what I want to tell or express

While working… I try to enjoy, to live, to say something and to have fun

I fell like at home… comfortable, calm, at least I try to feel so.

On a rainy day… I try to enjoy it

I couldn’t live without… being in contact with people, talking, hearing, arguing, learning…

I’ve always wondered about… why do we complicate our lives?

I don’t know… too many things

I wish I knew… languages, in order to make a better use of other people contacts

Everyday I like… living it, not just watching it passing by


I wish I could… have the same illusion as a child

I am a great believer in… relationships between people

An open secret about me… I like hearing about the history behind places and about the people that live there.

I wish I had… much more memory, but only for good things.

A perfect day… is the one which you can positively remember for a long time

Art is… the beginning of something. It’s the practice of transmitting emotions.

If you are travelling to… anywhere, I try to find out as much as I can.

I get bored… sometimes, it depends on the environment and the people around me



Someday I hope that… Culture gains prominence, considering everything that it’s involved

I would like to be… useful, valid, be updated

MY next step is … tomorrow

In ten years… I hope having evolved in every one of those ten years