Do you remember Noelia / Noumenow??? Today you will know more about her work…..And very soon you will able to check her work at the exhibition MDBY ARTISAN HUB’14 in Galería Mitte Barcelona, where you will be able to attend one of her illustration workshops!! Check here for all the info!!



I always drew
I grew up with my older brother; we enjoyed it very much
When I was little, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer (I won a children’s drawing contest concerning this theme)
I never saw myself in a work that didn’t involve human contact



Just now I enjoy the small things
My favorite pastime: friends
My work represents my knowledge (conscious and unconscious) acquired up to the moment (with possible mistakes, since it is in constant construction)
Working I feel “sparks” inside of me
I sit down at home and write
On a rainy day good movies
I can’t live without a paper and a pencil
I have always asked myself what is love (who doesn’t?)
I do not know how to sing
Everyday I like to have breakfast with my dog Arquímides on my knees
I wish I could travel as much as I would like
I am a great believer in life
A secret about me: ” I am gigantic” (I am 5’9”)
I would like to have a cat
A perfect day begins after a good dream
Art is a way of expression. As such, it involves an emitter and a recipient.
When I travel I take a notebook to use for the first time
I get bored without motivations (it rarely happens)



Someday I hope to live of my Art
I would like to be someone whose work is always tied to the arts
My next step is to continue creating
In ten years I will gather the seeds of ten previous years